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Blue Reality is a small, independent web design and development company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Our Web Design Services & Specialities

The Future of Web Design

The World Wide Web is changing; it’s changing on a daily basis. The web is still in its infancy and is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge almost on a daily basis. Mobile browsing is becoming ever more popular and increasingly takes more and more of the browsing market. How many people are looking at your website on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad today, & how many people will be looking at your website on mobile devices in a year’s time? These are questions you should be asking yourself.

Web Design

At Blue Reality Web Design, we’re aware that a great looking website that’s user friendly and easy to navigate can really make a huge difference to your business. By using great web design, the power, versatility and reach of the World Wide Web we connect you to your potential customers to make those all-important sales, your website is your 24 hour window to the world. An effective website is a real investment, effective in making you money online.

Web Development Cheshire

The process of web design and web development being completely separate is a thing of the past. The ever evolving World Wide Web, the fluidity and speed at which things change have dictated that web design and web development do and should come hand in hand. We develop websites with the latest coding technologies to ensure your website is as future proof as possible. What this means for example is that your website can be seen on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Smart phones.

E-Shots | E-Newsletters | E-Mail
Design, Development & Delivery

Blue Reality also specialise in the design, development and delivery of E-Newsletters or E-Shots better known as html email. Our email delivery system can provide you with detailed reports on how your customers responded to your email marketing campaign which is crucial to increasing the success of future campaigns. The deliverability of your email marketing campaigns is also essential – sender reputation and authentication are critical factors when it comes to making sure the marketing emails you send out, actually reach their targets.

Why Blue Reality?

This is very simple, I love what I do and take great pride in it, I believe that quality, attention to detail and a friendly personal service is what we all want and deserve, and so that’s what I deliver.